Why Might My Engine Have a Rough Idle?

If you’re asking yourself about the causes of a rough engine idle around Moore or Norman, you should already be scheduling a service appointment with AutoMax. While there are some car troubles that might not be impacted much by delaying repair, making time for a trip to the AutoMax Hyundai of Norman service center is essential with any and all engine troubles. We’ve found that there are a few common causes of a rough idle, but unless you’re a mechanic, you should treat this article as educational and let the pros smooth your ride.

The Main Causes of a Rough Idling Engine

When drivers like you visit our service center to find the cause of their rough engine idle, we’ve often found these issues to be to blame:

    Mechanic checking engine

  • Broken Vacuum Hose: Modern cars use a vacuum hose to ensure precise oxygen delivery to the fuel, and a broken or cracked hose can throw off the engine and lead to unusual performance.
  • Clogged Filters: A clogged air filter means that your engine isn’t getting the oxygen it needs to fully combust its gasoline, leading to erratic behavior.
  • Electrical Problems: A bad spark plug or poor spark plug wires could cause your cylinders to fire unevenly and lead to a rough idle.

Trust AutoMax to Help You Smooth Your Ride

Whatever the cause, our technicians will work fast to get your rough idle fixed and put you back on the road. The service center at AutoMax Hyundai of Norman features the latest in diagnostic and repair tools and is staffed by technicians trained in the ins and outs of Hyundai vehicles – our techs know their way around all cars and are more than happy to fix up your car regardless of the make or model.

Learn More at AutoMax

If you have any questions about what kind of repair work is needed to bring your car back into like-new condition, don’t hesitate to contact AutoMax Hyundai of Norman online or give our service center a call at (888) 974-8805. Our dealership is open six days a week at 551 N Interstate Dr in Norman, just a short trip for our Moore drivers looking to fix their rough idle or get their routine maintenance taken care of.