Oil Change

Looking for the best oil change Norman has to offer? There’s no need to look any further than AutoMax Hyundai Norman! Our talented technicians can get you in and out the door quickly, so you can maintain your car’s peak performance without spending a ton of time in the waiting room. Not only do we offer quick and quality oil changes for Moore-area customers, but we also offer a wealth of other maintenance and service repairs.

Why Do I Need an Oil Change?

The condition of your oil has a great impact on your engine’s ability to work properly. When your oil is old, it gets thick and dirty – which means your engine has to work harder. That can affect everything from performance to emissions to fuel economy! When you get an oil change, you flush out the old oil and replace it with fresh, flowing oil that keeps your engine lubricated and cool. The result is a safer, more efficient drive. Plus, the appointment typically takes just around an hour – which is a small-time investment for a huge payoff for Moore drivers!

When Should I Get My Oil Changed?

The old recommendation was to get your oil changed every 3,000 miles, but a lot has changed within the industry. Some vehicles can go even longer in between appointments, so it’s important to know your car. Check your owner’s manual or speak to our technicians for personalized advice!

Why Choose AutoMax Hyundai Norman?

There may be other dealerships in the Tuttle area, but we think you’ll find that our customer service goes above and beyond the competition. Our Hyundai-trained technicians are some of the best you’ll find in Oklahoma, thanks to their extensive training and experience in the industry. And when it comes to our resources, we don’t skimp. You’ll get a quality oil change with quality materials in a state-of-the-art facility. Check out some of our other advantages:

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Need more information about your next oil change in Norman, OK? Check out our service FAQ or feel free to drop by for a chat with our representatives. Give us a call today with any questions!