2016 Hyundai Accent vs. 2016 Toyota Yaris

2016 Hyundai Accent

2016 Hyundai Accent

2016 Toyota Yaris

2016 Toyota Yaris

Many buyers appreciate subcompact sedans for the balance they strike between versatility, eco-friendly design, and power, but it can be difficult to discern which model is the best fit. One of the strongest contenders in this field is the 2016 Hyundai Accent, which won the J.D. Power award for “Highest Ranked Small Car in Initial Quality,” in 2015. The 2016 model more than lives up to this high standard, and when compared to the 2016 Toyota Yaris, it’s the proven segment leader.

Under the Hood

The best subcompact sedans offer great features and options without sacrifice. The 2016 Hyundai Accent provides an excellent balance of power and economy, giving you the complete package.

2016 Hyundai Accent 2016 Toyota Yaris
1.6L I4 engine 1.5L 4-cyclinder engine
136 hp 106 hp
123 lb-ft of torque 103 lb-ft of torque
Six-speed transmission Four-speed transmission

One might assume that what the Yaris, comparatively lacking in power, would make up for this deficit with great mileage, but this actually isn’t the case. The Accent averages about 38 mpg on the highway, while the five-door version of the Yaris only gets 36! Although the Yaris tends to conserve fuel a little bit better during city driving, the Accent comes equipped with Hyundai’s Active Eco system, which can make your drive up to 7 percent more efficient under any conditions.

Design Features

The Hyundai Accent has the edge in performance, but it’s just as important to see how it stacks up against the 2016 Yaris is terms of comfort and spaciousness. When it comes to subcompact sedans, a few inches of space can make or break both long vacations and short trips to the grocery store.

2016 Hyundai Accent 2016 Toyota Yaris
89.7 cu. ft. interior volume 85.1 cu. ft. interior volume
41.8 in. legroom 40.1 in. legroom
21.2 cu. ft. cargo space 15.6 cu. ft. cargo space

If you’re worried that owning a subcompact sedan might leave you feeling cramped, the spacious Accent is absolutely the right choice for you. If you’re still not convinced, bear in mind that every trim of the Hyundai Accent comes equipped with low-resistance tires and an aerodynamic design that give this powerful subcompact one of the smallest drag coefficients on the market, at 0.28.

Consumer Protection

It’s always important to compare the available warranty options, but when it comes to 2016 Hyundai Accent vs. 2016 Toyota Yaris, it’s really no contest at all. The basic warranty for the Yaris covers thirty-six months or 36,000 miles, while the Powertrain warranty for the same extends the coverage to sixty months or 60,000 miles. With the Accent, you’ll get sixty months or 60,000 protected miles with nothing more than the basic warranty coverage, and if you’re really looking for security, you simply can’t beat the Powertrain warranty on this Hyundai, which will guarantee you 120 months and 100,000 miles of smooth sailing.

See for Yourself!

The 2016 Hyundai Accent can outperform the 2016 Toyota Yaris on nearly all fronts, but if you’re going to be sure that it’s the right car for you, the best way to move forward would be to schedule a test drive at AutoMax Hyundai. We’re conveniently located at 551 N. Interstate Dr. in Norman, so stop in or give us a call at (888) 974-8847 today!