Why Isn’t My Car Air Conditioning Cold?

Mechanic under hoodIf you’ve turned on your car’s climate controls, only to be greeted by a blast of hot wind, you know the heartbreaking disappointment of a faulty air conditioner. If your car air conditioner is not blowing cold air, or you need to schedule air conditioning service, AutoMax Hyundai’s state-of-the-art service center, and professional staff are here to help you make your Moore or Norman commute cooler and more comfortable today.

The Likely Reasons Your Car Air Conditioner Isn’t Blowing Cold Air

There are a few reasons why your car air conditioner may not be working as well as it should:

  • It Needs a Recharge – Over time, the coolant in your system gets used up. Regular recharging can be completed by one of our ASE-certified technicians.
  • There’s a Leak – If you’ve recently recharged the system but it’s low again, you may have a leak. A technician can inspect the system for you and let you know if this is the case.
  • The Compressor Failed – The compressor responsible for pressurizing the coolant and forcing it through the system can wear out over time.
  • The Fan is Broken – If your system is producing cool air, but it isn’t reaching the cabin, you may have a bad fan or a loose wire.

Best Practices for Prolonging the Lifespan of Your Air Conditioner

To help keep your car air conditioning system running cooler longer, there are a few things you can do now before there are problems:

  • Run It – Running the air conditioner once a week – even when it’s cool outside – will help to maintain pressure in the system and reduce humidity in the car.
  • Defrost – Running the defrost mode will help to clear moisture from the lines and prevent mildew from building up.
  • Recharge It – Recharging the air conditioning every two years will make sure it has plenty of gas and lubricant in the system.
  • Consult a Professional – Take your car in for regular check-ups to ensure that all of your systems are healthy and in good repair.

Schedule Your Air Conditioning Service at Our Moore and Norman-Area Service Center

To learn more about why your car air conditioner is not blowing cold, contact AutoMax Hyundai at (888) 974-8847 or stop by our service center, not far from Moore at 551 N. Interstate Dr. in Norman, OK.